Completed / read posts and notes.

#39 | 8/1/2022

[COMPLETE] Load only unread posts on index

shift completed notes to /archives

#38 | 8/1/2022

[COMPLETE] Check if there's

a placeholder message when unread posts == 0

Something like "no unread posts"

#37 | 7/31/2022

[COMPLETE] Add unread count here


#36 | 7/31/2022


the password on here

#35 | 7/31/2022

[COMPLETE] Prefetch

spotify data on www

#34 | 7/31/2022

[COMPLETE] Add toasts here

loading stuff

#33 | 7/26/2022

#32 | 7/23/2022

[COMPLETE] Using a modal is the best way

for hiding text instead of the prompt

#31 | 7/23/2022

[COMPLETE] Use Context

for read/unread and hide post component using className. Remove the router.push for refreshing.

#30 | 7/20/2022

[COMPLETE] Just realised

That this page isn't responsive anymore. Specifically due to the link not breaking onto the next line

#29 | 7/20/2022

[COMPLETE] Add filter

for unread and read notes here

#28 | 7/18/2022


but add a read / unread feature here

#27 | 7/18/2022

[COMPLETE] Publish button fixed


#26 | 7/18/2022


the publish button here. Multiple clicks during the loading process lead to multiple posts. Disable button on clicking, similar to the form here

#25 | 7/18/2022

[COMPLETE] Add reverse chronological

numbering on the index page of this site. Better to see the larger number on the top

#24 | 7/18/2022


the page layout component (only after checking if it is unused)

#23 | 6/29/2022

[COMPLETE] Prolly remove the flex grow

from the container component

#22 | 6/29/2022

[COMPLETE] Add the gradient on the body tag

To the html tag. There are scroll issues in mobile display

#21 | 6/29/2022

[COMPLETE] Add a menu bar

instead of the fixed nav in smaller screens

#20 | 6/28/2022

[COMPLETE] Auto Linking check

#19 | 6/27/2022

[COMPLETE] fix blog posts header links

on the website ofc

#18 | 6/27/2022

[COMPLETE] Add numbering to /spotify

#17 | 6/18/2022

[COMPLETE] Remove scrollbar being shown

on the nav and now playing component. It wasn't visible on my machine, but it is visible on a lot of them. Keep the overflow scroll behaviour

#16 | 6/15/2022

[COMPLETE] Forgot to push changes

On the master branch of www, switch the branch and only push the master

#15 | 6/15/2022

[COMPLETE] Add some hover effects

on the /posts page of

#14 | 6/13/2022

[COMPLETE] the /design.txt page is not cool

...and may look like an error / broken page to someone who doesn't understand websites. Make it a proper page with links

#13 | 6/12/2022

[COMPLETE] Add a read and unread feature here.

just show the unread ones on the index, and the rest on /archives or something.

#12 | 6/12/2022

[COMPLETE] website fixes

change the link colors (purplish) on the /posts page (light mode only) to something that fits in.

#11 | 6/11/2022

[COMPLETE] Use remark auto link ..something- create links automatically if the anchor text and href are supposed to be the same. example-

#10 | 6/11/2022

[COMPLETE] Maybe add a zshguide CTA on your main page?

bro this field is required for absolutely no reason. make this optional

#9 | 6/7/2022

[COMPLETE] design+projects

#7 | 6/7/2022

[COMPLETE] A GIF for the homepage?

cool gif?

#6 | 6/7/2022


In the shortlink project, use the url similar to pandora

#5 | 6/7/2022

[COMPLETE] Check this out later

#4 | 6/5/2022

[COMPLETE] From my phone

Use auth in here instead of password protected publishing, lazy kid

#3 | 6/5/2022

[COMPLETE] From my laptop

Did I change the pass lol

#2 | 6/5/2022

[COMPLETE] web inspo

This is a test.

#1 | 6/5/2022

[COMPLETE] web inspo